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About Us
About Us

Providing Quality Precision Machining Since 1983


Penn Machine, Inc. and Engineering has a well known and proven reputation for exceptional quality in their products.

Founded in 1983 by President and Owner, Jeff Hall, Penn Machine began on Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City, OK... Hence the name "Penn Machine"...

As a small boy, Jeff was influenced by his engineering father, Robert Hall. While working side by side it was soon discovered that Jeff had a natural talent for machining. Purchasing his first CNC machine as a teen, it wasn't long before Jeff realized that there was a great need for a high-tech machining shop that could produce precision machining with a guarantee of on-time delivery. With his vision of the unlimited possibilities and work integrity, he embarked on what is now one of the fastest growing and successful machine industries in the country.

From the very beginning, Penn Machine established a reputation for exceptional quality in their products. Along with this reputation, a demand for its products was garnered as well. In a relatively short time the company had grown enough that the need to expand into a larger facility was evident. In 1988, the company moved to its present 17,000 sq. ft. industrial park facility, located between I-40 and Reno in SW Oklahoma City.

Penn Machine, Inc. and Engineering began with a "boy and his dream"... through hard work and determination, that dream was turned into what is now, a multi-million dollar a year business that continues to grow and supply clients world-wide.



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